How To Start Blogging In 2020 Complete Guide

If you are finding some way that you can share your knowledge with peoples. then bloggin is best way to share your knowledge.

In this article we share complete information about how to start blogging in 2020. if you read this post. you will be a future blogger.

many perameters are covered in this article like – what is blogging, what is domain and hosting, best paltform to start blogging, etc.

so read this complete article for starting your journey in blogging industry.

What is blogging

blogging is a way that you can share your awesome knowledge with people in world-wide. you can share your information using website.

and these website are called as a blog. and this techneque is known as blogging.

so i thing you understood that what is blogging exactly.

How to start blogging

There is a steps to start a blog in just few steps.

#1 Buy a domain name

First you have to buy a domain name to start a blog. domain name is the name fo your website you want to select.

many domain name providers are avalable in the market like – godaddy, bigrock, namecheap and many more companies will be there

#2 Buy a hosting

i assumed that you have purchased a domain name for your blog. now you have to buy a web hosting for host your website on the server.

hosting is a server for hosting your website in the internet. this will be compulsory if you start your blog with wordpress.

Best platform to start blogging

Here is the best platform to start your first blog

#1 Blogger

if you start your blog for free, then blogger is the best platform for start a bloggin website.

but in blogger, you have to purchase a domain name for better ranking in google.

#2 wordpress

wordpress is the best platform to start a long term blog. many options are availabe in wordpress for a beautiful wbesite.

in the worpress you have to invest money in domain and hosting both. but you get a better return to your website

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